4 Killer Silent Assumptions that cause Anxiety and Depression

What is behind your negative thoughts ?

Often times we are told to use CBT or Mindfulness Techniques to either question negative thoughts or accept them and let them pass. This is certainly a good way to go but why do the negative thoughts keep on coming ?

Even if you are not depressed or if you once were and now feel better, in order to prevent depression and anxiety altogether it is necessary for you to: 

  1. understand what caused your depression in the first place and how you got better
  2. have enough self confidence based on the knowledge that you are likely to succeed in your relationships and career
  3. have enough self esteem based on the capacity to experience self love and joy even if you don’t succeed
  4. understand the deeper causes of your depression, which are based on silent assumptions you may not be aware of

Depression and anxiety are caused and maintained by distorted automatic negative thoughts which seem very convincing and true. 

In order for you to stop those negative thoughts from coming back you need to understand what lies behind them,  so you penetrate to the core of the problem.

Only after you discover which silent assumption/s are behind your automatic string of negative thoughts you can deal with them with CBT questioning techniques, Mindfulness approaches or a combination of the two.

Once you know which assumptions you are dealing with you can question their validity and decide what you need to do to let them go so you can substitute them with more helpful realistic self enhancing and objective ones.

So let’s have a look at what these assumptions are.



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