How to stick to your goals

Do you set goals but give up as soon as the going gets tough? Do you give up as soon as you hit an obstacle? here’s how to stay motivated when the going gets tough… 

When I first decided to play drums many years ago I gave up almost immediately because my teacher told me it would take ten years to get good at it. Ten years passed and I wished I had kept going. I then decided to take up drums again and after six years of hard work I play in two bands. Now when it gets hard and I can’t play a pattern or I feel so inadequate that I want to give up I remind myself of how disappointed I was when I threw the towel the first time. 

No matter what your goals are if you want to achieve them you need to know what to do when you feel tempted to revert to your old ways and take the easy way out.

Check out my full article here or watch the video illustrating 3 simple exercises you can do if you find that you easily give up on goals and want to stay motivated. 


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