Truths and Lies about Depression

If you suffer from depression you probably have been told that you

  • Have a disease
  • You have a chemical imbalance
  • Depression is a genetic
  • You can cure depression with antidepressants
  • Treatments for depression last years

The trouble with the above is that it is a very limiting view of what depression is and how it can be treated.

Depression is not a disease. It is a consequence of circular negative thoughts that affect your feelings and therefore actions. These circular thoughts can be a response to trauma or to a life without meaning or purpose.

When they last for a long time they will cause a chemical imbalance but that is the consequence, not the cause of depression. Although antidepressants can be useful in acute suicidal cases they do not cure depression long term. And although you can learn depressive patterns of thoughts from your parents that does not make depression genetic.

You can overcome depression even when it’s chronic but you need to understand how your mind works. First you need to choose to believe this is possible. If you want to know more read the full article here


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