Simple Meditation for Beginners

Essentials of Mindfulness Meditation Here follows a list of typical Buddhist Meditations: The Body Scan Breath Awareness Sound Awareness Emotions Awareness Thoughts Awareness Walking Meditation Other Types of Buddhist Meditations Loving Kindness (metta) Mountain Meditation Lake Meditation Dakini / Buddha Family Mandalas Zazen Non Buddhist and Secular Meditations : Pranayama Exercises combined with Yoga Asanas … More Simple Meditation for Beginners

The 3 necessary Keys of Lasting Relationship Change

I am not a big fan of  maths but even I have to agree that the following is a WINNING FORMULA. When it comes down to changing old relationship patterns (and any pattern of behaviour really) here’s what I believe will work : Awareness of self  makes Insight into old patterns possible.  Intention to change + … More The 3 necessary Keys of Lasting Relationship Change