7 Self-Defeating Attitudes you want to leave behind – with Free Hypnotic Audio

Mood Swings ? Emotionally all over the place ?

Get off the rollercoaster of emotions and learn how to let go of these 7 self-defeating attitudes that are proven to wreck your life and put you on the road to emotional vulnerability anxiety and depression. These are taken from the Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (DAS) developed by Dr Arlene Weissman.

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Self – defeating Attitude 1 – Approval Addiction

You evaluate yourself through other people s eyes

Self – defeating Attitude 2  Love Addiction

You see love as a need without which you cannot survive

Self – defeating Attitude 3  – Achievement Addiction

Your self worth is dependant on your achievement

Self – defeating Attitude 4 – Perfectionism

  • You have to be the best at everything
  • Mistakes are taboo
  • Failure is worse than death
  • You are never good enough

Self – defeating Attitude  5  entitlement

You expect and demand that your needs be met by other people

Self – defeating Attitude 6  Omnipotence

You see yourself as the centre of your personal universe and hold yourself responsible for what happens around you

Self – defeating Attitude 7  Externalizing and Dependance

You think your potential for happiness self esteem and joy is dependant on external factors

7 Self Enhancing Attitudes to help you be Emotionally Balanced

Self-Enhancing Attitude 1 Inherent Self- Worth

You have a sense of inherent  self worth regardless of other people’s criticism or disapproval

Self-Enhancing Attitude 2 – Love is desirable but not necessary

Love is desirable but not an absolute necessity , you also have a wide range of interests that you find gratifying and fulfilling

Self-Enhancing Attitude 3 – You Focus on the Process not the Outcome

You enjoy productivity and creativity but you seem them as not necessary for your self esteem and satisfaction

Self-Enhancing Attitude 4 – You Set Realistic Expectations

  • You set realistic appropriate standards for yourself
  • You focus on the process not the outcome you see mistakes as opportunities to learn

 Self-Enhancing Attitude 5  – Being Grateful

  • You are grateful for what you want and work for what you want
  • You don’t expect perfect reciprocity or justice all the time
  • You realise there is no inherent reason why things should always go your way
  • You realise win some you lose some
  • You have high frustration tolerance

 Self-Enhancing Attitude 6 – Personal Responsibility

  • You realise you are not the centre of the universe
  • Since you are not in control of others you are not responsible for them but only for yourself.

Self-Enhancing Attitude 7 – Autonomy

You take responsibility for your feelings because you realise they are created by you

How to Let go of self-defeating attitudes

When you become aware of one of these attitudes in yourself ask yourself:

  • Is it my advantage to keep this belief ?
  • What specific steps can I take to let go of my self-defeating attitudes and adopt more beneficial self-enhancing ones ?

Watch the video above and Download the free Hypnotic Audio to Help you !



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